Say Goodbye to Your Electric Bill!

Hello Solar 🙂

Say Goodbye to Your Electric Bill!

Hello Solar 🙂

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Are you a Home Owner? Great you qualified!.

Join the movement towards renewable energy and lock in guaranteed savings with solar panel installation.

$0 Dollars Down

By getting GraySquare Solar system financing option, the homeowner pays $0 upfront for the cost of their solar system


Free Installation

You will not need to pay for Solar Installation

Annual Incentive Bonuses

One of the biggest benefits for going solar is the ability to sell your excess energy! That’s right, every year your energy usage and generation is audited. When you use less energy than generated, you get paid!

We believe in solar​

We are committed to create a better world; therefore, we are taking as many steps as we can. 

We are proud to announce that GraySquare Solar has been helping to reduce air pollution globally, but we want to play an even more important part to stop climate change. 

We are contributing to reforest key ecosystems working with One Tree Planted

Our mission is to plant one tree for each and every single KW of solar energy installed, and to help the planet flourish in this extremely vital way. 

GraySquare Solar uses Q Cells Solar Panels

Install home solar panel, reduce electricity costs, be eco-friendly, and boost your property value appreciation

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Trusted by 1,000's of Happy Customers
Trusted by 1,000's of Happy Customers
GraySquare Solar, Best energy solar company

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Ready to save money on your next energy bills and help saving the planet?

Save thousands of dollars per year with reduced energy costs from day 1.

Our mission

GraySquare Solar is a trusted provider of turnkey renewable energy solutions, focusing on serving customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With years of experience in the industry, GraySquare Solar offers comprehensive services, ensuring top-quality installation and maintenance for its valued customers.

As an integrated solar solutions provider, GraySquare Solar handles every aspect of the solar energy process. From initial consultation to system design, installation, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance, they provide a hassle-free experience. By harnessing the power of the sun, GraySquare Solar helps customers transition to clean and sustainable electricity, reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels and promoting a greener future.

GraySquare Solar customizes its services to meet your specific energy needs. Their tailored solutions maximize energy efficiency and financial savings, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction. With their expertise and industry knowledge, GraySquare Solar ensures that each customer receives top-quality service and achieves their renewable energy goals.

If you’re in Pennsylvania or New Jersey and interested in exploring solar energy solutions, GraySquare Solar is a reliable and professional choice. Providing end-to-end support, from consultation to ongoing maintenance, ensuring the best quality service for their customers.

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Solar Panels Installation, the best choice!
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Get a real-time online solar quote powered by satellites from Google’s Project Sunroof

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